Edgar Ramirez

‘Carlos’ (R) — Venezuelan-born terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez eluded capture for 30 years before being arrested in 1994, and according to the five-hour long thriller/biopic ‘Carlos,’ there wasn’t a dull or irrelevant moment. It’s scary to think that somebody could evade justice for so long, and mesmerizing to see a movie keep up the pace for such a long runtime.

Changing settings, changing times and a steadily unfolding character, played by Edgar Ramirez (“The Bourne Ultimatum”), keep things from sagging. The film offers an immersive look into the Cold War era of international crime and terrorism, all magnificently framed by one egomaniac’s climb to fame. No true cinephile could turn away from this engaging epic.

‘Good Neighbors’ (R) — In a neighborhood terrorized by a serial killer who takes his victims off the streets, three neighbors rally together for support, only to realize that true danger could be sitting at the table with them. This Canadian thriller keeps a tight focus on its three main performers with crushing suspense and pitch-black humor.

Far from a formulaic whodunit, ‘Good Neighbors’ keeps viewers squirming with crafty writing and layered performances. Things shift from oddly funny to downright gruesome in such a way that may put off some audiences — but for the brave, there is a serious gem of close-to-home noir.

‘The Ledge’ (R) — In an attempt to jumpstart a dialog about faith and atheism, ‘The Ledge’ delivers a dull thud of melodrama. Gavin (Charlie Hunnam of ‘Sons of Anarchy’) stands on the ledge of a highrise, contemplating a jump that would end his life but save his lover’s. But as the story behind the situation unfolds, this opening tension turns out to be a weak conceit.

Gavin is an atheist. His lover, Shana (Liv Tyler), is married to a devout and controlling Christian man (Patrick Wilson.) Gavin and Shana have sex scenes, then her husband gets very upset. On the ledge, Gavin gives stump speeches for the film’s philosophical core, but the movie fails to filibuster its way out of being a half-baked snooze.

‘Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People’ — This Cartoon Network original series is a fantastic slice of unique and accessible children’s entertainment. Creative, colorful and brimming with heart, ‘Adventure Time’ massages the imagination with a fun universe of goofy characters and a loveable heroic duo. The titular episode for this DVD release sees the characters learning about the complicated impasse of being torn between two best friends, quite an adventure for a boy, a silly shape-shifting dog and a magic unicorn-like creature who only speaks Korean.

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