By Fifi Rodriguez
1. HUMAN ANATOMY: What would it mean if a person were “horripilated”?
2. CARTOONS: What’s the name of the family “dog” on “The Flintstones”?
3. MUSIC: Singer Bob Dylan recorded the hit “Blowin’ In The Wind” on which album?
4. LANGUAGE: A quadrennial event would occur how often?
5. GEOGRAPHY: What modern-day country exists in the land once known as Phrygia?
6. ENTERTAINERS: What were the first names of the Andrews Sisters?
7. HISTORY: What year did the famous Watergate break-in occur?
8. LITERATURE: Who is Willie Stark in the novel “All the King’s Men”?
9. MOVIES: The slogan “Where were you in ’62?” was used to promote what movie?
10. TELEVISION: What was name of the inn featured in the “Newhart” comedy show?

1. He or she would have goose bumps
2. Dino
3. “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”
4. Every four years
5. Turkey
6. Patty, LaVerne and Maxene
7. 1972
8. A populist politician
9. “American Graffiti”
10. Stratford Inn

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