Ted Danson

By Tony Rizzo
HOLLYWOOD — No doubt you’ve heard that Ted Danson will replace Laurence Fishburne as the new boss of “CSI,” which has had its share of problems since William Petersen left the show. Now with Marg Helgenberger in only a handful of episodes this season, CBS needed a big gun to fill the void.

Ironically, Danson, who won two Emmy Awards during his 11-year run with “Cheers,” comes to “CSI” as it starts its 12th season. His contract at “CSI” will allow him to continue with his role in the HBO comedy “Bored To Death.” When he starred in the CBS series “Becker” he put a rinse in his hair to darken its natural white color. When he appeared in public with his white hair, people where confused by his appearance. The big question now is, will we see a dark-haired “Becker” or a real-life white-haired Ted Danson on “CSI”? We’ll have to watch to find out.
Eva Longoria has a new reason to be one of the “Desperate Housewives.” As part owner of the nightclub Beso in Las Vegas’ new City Center complex, she was disappointed that it had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after a $5.7 million debt and a monthly operating loss of $76,000. Small wonder that Eva is hoping “Desperate Housewives” will go on indefinitely at ABC. Before you worry about her future, take into account she’s a smart businesswoman who made sure she was listed as an unsecured creditor in the deal. Insiders say she’s really down to earth and a wonderful friend who always lands on her feet!
“The Evil Dead” shall rise again! “The Evil Dead,” a modest horror film released in 1981, spawned a sequel, “Evil Dead II” (’87) and a threequel, “The Army of Darkness” (’92), all starring Bruce Campbell. Cultists even created a musical version that played Toronto and Montreal. Rumors about remaking the original film are no longer rumors now that producer Sam Raimi has hired Diablo Cody, Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Juno,” to pump humor and horror into their script, as she did with her 2009 “Jennifer’s Body” film starring Megan Fox.

It’s rare to find the original star remaking his own film, but, since Bruce Campbell has a huge following thanks to his role as Sam on the mega USA hit show “Burn Notice,” it makes sense. Of course, when you remake a film called “The Evil Dead,” it would have to be better than the original or critics might proclaim, as they love to, in banner headlines: “The Evil Dead Should Have Stayed Dead”!

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