James Scott stars as “EJ” on “Days of Our Lives”

By Dana Block
Kathy caught a glimpse of Dixie while playing in the park. A drunken JR forced Marissa to tell AJ why they weren’t going to be a family anymore. Erica was able to persuade Jane to let her go by being sympathetic toward her. David canceled Angie’s appointment with the specialist. Ryan was surprised to learn that David and Griffin were once best friends. Tad thanked Cara for giving him the will to move on after losing Dixie. Wait to See: Brot comes face-to-face with Dixie.

Bill and Steffy rejoiced in their love for one another. Taylor was heartbroken when Ridge announced that he was moving back in with Brooke. Taylor stopped Thomas from signing over his shares to Stephanie. Katie asked Karen to return to Los Angeles. Stephanie begged Brooke one last time to forgive her. Taylor scolded Steffy for sleeping with a married man. Karen had a surprise in store for Bill. Wait to See: Bill and Katie renew their vows.

EJ and Stefano escaped prosecution after Rafe’s imposter was killed in jail. Sami was pleasantly surprised when EJ handed over custody of their children to her completely. Jennifer and Daniel gave in to their feelings and shared a kiss, which Carly was crushed to witness. Kate planned to publicly expose Chloe as a prostitute. EJ was hospitalized for severe head pain. Wait to See: EJ confronts Melanie about the night he was assaulted.

Brenda was furious with Sonny for setting up Jax. Elizabeth put their differences aside and invited Siobhan to Aiden’s birthday party. Thanks to Sonny, Carly was awarded full custody of Josslyn, and Brenda returned her wedding ring to Sonny and left Port Charles. Robin was fast becoming a terrible boss in her new position as chief of staff. Dante and Lulu returned from Florida. Wait to See: Carly is stunned to hear that Jason and Sam are engaged.

The original Todd demanded answers from the current Todd. Meanwhile, John and Natalie wondered if there could really be two Todd Mannings. A secret agent apprehended the real Todd and shot him at the edge of a pier. Jessica and Natalie got into an altercation over Brody. Rex demanded that the kidnapping charges against Echo be dropped. Vimal asked Rama to pretend they were still a happy couple during his parents’ surprise visit. Wait to See: Rex leaves the house armed with a gun.

Billy badgered Cane into serving him alcohol at the bar. Ashley covered for Tucker when he couldn’t answer the reporters’ questions about Jabot’s new product line. Billy insisted that he wasn’t drunk when he wrecked his car. Adam came up with a scheme to fake Diane’s death. Tucker told Abby that he’s known all along that she was driving the night of the accident. Sharon received a 30-year prison sentence for Skye’s death. Wait to See: Diane tries to blackmail Victor.

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