Plenty of water, let’s go fishing

Photo by Daniel Gretzner

Ron Barry (left), of Michigan Walleye Adventures, and Libra Marina owner Mike Beaubien prepare for a fishing excursion.

By Daniel Gretzner
One of the most popular recreational sports is fishing. Many anglers, young and old, who are from the vicinity have learned how to catch the various species of fish in nearby lakes and rivers.

Like many other southeast Michigan folks, my first outdoor outing with a rod and reel, was at Camp Dearborn, where certain lakes are designated for fishing. I’m sure that many readers probably were introduced to “wetting a line” at the elementary/junior high age level.

Walleyes are one of the most sought after fish that lives in the Detroit River, Lake Erie and other bodies of the Great Lakes. This is becoming especially true this year as the state of Michigan has planted hundreds of tagged walleye. The idea is to do some further research on the migration and travel patterns of this sports fish. Anyone who catches one of these tagged walleyes and turns the tag in to the Department of Natural Resources, will receive $100. A few anglers have already done so. Unfortunately, a lot of the angling public are not aware of this special program.

Last week, Capt. Ron Barry of Michigan Walleye Adventures took his vessel out of the Libra Marina docks in Wyandotte in pursuit of catching dinner and having some fun. His passenger, Dave Hertlein of Lincoln Park, wound up catching the majority of walleyes during the outing. Hertlein is an avid fisherman who comes from a long family line of anglers.

Barry, from Livonia, does three styles of angling for his clients and friends: jigging, trolling and drifting, using a night crawler harness with bottom sinker. His methods are productive, although some months are better than others, depending on what body of water he chooses.

Anyone interested in going out with an experienced (10 years) boat captain and guide, can reach him at

We are well into the summer and vacation time. Families who enjoy fishing are planning their camping trips. Fishing is at the top of the list and the experience can help bond father-son and mother-daughter.

There’s plenty of water — Let’s go fishing!

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