By Fifi Rodriguez
1. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the U.S. Naval Academy located?
2. PERSONALITIES: Who was Fulton John Sheen, famous for his radio and TV broadcasts?
3. LANGUAGE: What is the plural of “quantum”?
4. TELEVISION: What is the name of the city in the long-running soap opera “All My Children”?
5. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “The Jungle,” a book that detailed abuses in the U.S. meat-packing industry?
6. MUSIC: What rock group recorded the song “Layla”?
7. ROYALTY: Which English king convened the so-called Long Parliament in 1640?
8. COMICS: What was the name of Superman’s superdog?
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the first name of the pirate known as Captain Kidd?
10. HISTORY: What year was Malcolm X assassinated?

1. Annapolis, Md.
2. U.S. Catholic archbishop
3. Quanta
4. Pine Valley
5. Upton Sinclair
6. Derek and the Dominoes
7. Charles I
8. Krypto
9. William
10. 1965

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