Guildlings present ‘Free to Be… You and Me’

Photo by Sue Suchyta

The Guildlings present “Free to Be … You and Me” for one more weekend at 7:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday at the Players Guild of Dearborn. Bella Fothergill (left) narrates “Atalanta,” the story of a princess whose royal parents are determined to find her a match against her wishes.

By Sue Suchyta
The Guildlings, the youth theater branch of the Players Guild of Dearborn, opened Marlo Thomas’s “Free to Be … You and Me” Friday. The show runs for one more weekend.

The play lives up to its title – and encourages young people to step outside of their comfort zone and take the risk needed to feel the thrill of being onstage singing a song and playing a part.

“Free to Be” is all about being true to yourself, celebrating one’s uniqueness, and defying labels.

A scene that illustrates the philosophy well is called “William’s Doll.” In it, Peter Moore plays a young boy who asks for a doll. His parents freak out, his peers tease him, but he is unperturbed. The reason he wants a doll? Simple: He wants to practice being a good father.

Nathan Booth and Jade Reynolds perform a funny skit that has two newborns trying to determine their gender using amusing stereotypes adults embrace all too carelessly.

Another funny scene features Kayla Katona and Peter Moore in an amusing “he said, she said” sibling battle of the sexes which will amuse anyone who has ever felt their parents were biased toward one’s spoiled siblings.

Families and friends will enjoy watching the 35 children enthusiastically present the show.

The Guildlings performing in the show include: Joseph Atkins, Nicholas Atkins, Nathan Booth, Molly Boudreau, Anthony Cieri, Austin Clark, Grace Doverspike, Stella Doverspike, Steelie Dowgiallo, Rhiannon Flores, Bella Fothergill, Miranda Fothergill, Jillian Gencarelli, Megan Gencarelli, Noah Goddard, Amy Golembiewski, Liliana Greimel, Scout Greimel, Cole Haas, Ian Haas, Rachel Hatfield, Quinn Higgins, Maddie Kaplan, Kayla Katona, Allison Koehler, Jessica Koehler, Olivia McPherson, Peter Moore, Jade Reynolds, Madison Schroka, Emma Scott, Ryan Shameri, Tim Smith, Adriana Viscomi and Maria Viscomi.

The production will run for one more weekend, at 7:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Tickets are $5 and are general admission.

The Guild Theater is at 21730 Madison, southwest of the intersection of Monroe and Outer Drive in Dearborn. The building is accessible to those with disabilities.

For more information, go to

The Guildlings have changed a lot since the days when Lisa Andres gifted the Guild with her zany and unique original musicals written for kids. Since children will always be drawn to the theater, and part of the Guild’s mission as a non-profit group is to provide that training, it may be time for the Guild to provide different summer opportunities for teens and elementary age children.

Let the teens perform a real musical, not a “junior” production, and let them rehearse late at night and bond as a cast. Let the younger set do a simpler junior, family-friendly show, and let them rehearse earlier in the evening.

The Guild needs to make an appealing “summer stock” experience available to teens, one that will encourage talented youth to compete for parts in an exciting show. Today’s teen actors will be the Guild’s future members and leaders, and the Guild needs to attract and develop those assets now.

The Players Guild of Dearborn will hold auditions July 25 and 26 for the Ernest Thompson comedy “On Golden Pond.”

The show will be performed for three weekends, Sept. 16 to 18, 23 to 25, 30, and Oct. 1 and 2, with 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday shows and 2:30 p.m. Sunday matinees.

Alan Ellias will direct the show. Registration for auditions will be taken from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. each night. Audition forms can be downloaded from the Guild’s website. Character descriptions and a list of audition scenes are also posted.

The show features six roles: Norman Thayer Jr., age 80; Ethel Thayer, age 69, Norman’s wife; Chelsea, age 42, the Thayers’ daughter; Billy Ray Jr., age 13; Bill Ray, mid 40s to early 50s; and Charlie Martin, age 44.

Those auditioning need not be the character age, but must be able to portray the character believably.

For detailed character descriptions and detailed audition information, go to

The Southgate Civic Players will present the suspense thriller “Wait Until Dark” for one more weekend at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the Corner Playhouse, 12671 Dix-Toledo Road in Southgate.

A blind woman, Susy Hendrix, played by Rebekah Tiefenbach of St. Clair Shores, unknowingly receives a heroin-filled doll that was given to her husband, Sam Hendrix, played by Josh LaPeer of Allen Park, during a recent visit to Montreal.

Three criminals, Roat, played by Dan Clair of Canton; Mike, portrayed by Domingo Guzman of Melvindale; and Carlino, played by Brendun Deer of Southgate, plot to get the doll and the heroin from Susy.

Susy catches on to their con, and with the help of a young neighbor, Gloria, played by Ana Pauli of Lincoln Park, decides to fight back against the criminals.

Tickets are $13, and seating is cabaret style. For more information, go to