By Fifi Rodriguez
1. FOOD & DRINK: What vegetable also is known as a pieplant?
2. EXPLORERS: Which famous explorer also served as a governor of Arizona in the late 1800s?
3. LANGUAGE: What does the Latin term “pro forma” mean?
4. MEASUREMENTS: If something occurs every 12 years, what would be the correct numerical term to describe the event?
5. HISTORY: Where did American legend Davy Crockett die?
6. MUSIC: What does the musical instruction “dolce” mean?
7. THEATER: Who wrote the play “The Glass Menagerie”
8. SCIENCE: What vitamin also is known as riboflavin?
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the name of the Native American chief who defeated Gen. George Custer at the Little Big Horn?
10. PHILOSOPHY: Ralph Waldo Emerson led which movement in the 1800s?

1. Rhubarb
2. John Charles Fremont
3. A formality
4. Duodeccenial
5. The Alamo
6. To play sweetly
7. Tennessee Williams
8. B-2
9. Crazy Horse
10. Transcendental movement

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