A check on more spending needed before raising debt ceiling

Guest Editorial
Americans have about 25 days until the next “D-day” crisis — “D” standing for default on federal debts.

Yes, the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is the issue, and the crisis is a deep split between those who want to OK a higher ceiling and get on with spending, and those who want to draw a line in the sand and say “no” to more federal debts without serious federal spending cuts. Basically, that’s the old Democrat-Republican split.

Who knows what it really means if our Congress lets that deadline pass without raising the ceiling? Will federal checks start to bounce? Will Lady Liberty’s torch go out? Will the national parks shut down en masse?

That’s beside the point, really. It isn’t America’s credit line that is so much on the line as is America’s credibility. If our Congress can’t compromise for the sake of the national interest, the nation has bigger problems than the ceiling.

Yes, raise the debt ceiling. But do it with some serious spending cuts. Our resources don’t allow either party the luxury of spending as though there were no tomorrow.