Camp Dearborn fireworks cancelled

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – Residents may have noticed a hole in the city’s summer schedule last weekend.

The annual Beach Bash, which has run for about ten years at city-run Camp Dearborn, in Milford, was cancelled shortly before its run date due to budget constraints. The event was originally scheduled for July 2.

That was the statement released by the “(The event was) cut due to the severe financial challenges the city is facing,” City spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said in an email, adding that by cancelling the fireworks the city saved $24,000.

Joanne Murphy, president of the Friends of Camp Dearborn, said that while they’re disappointed with the cancellation, they understand the need for it.

“It costs the city money,” she said. “The money coming in the day of the fireworks doesn’t cover the costs. When you add up the cost of the fireworks and you have to have additional protection, that’s a huge expense.”

Department of Recreation Director Gregory Orner said that the actual price tag, when including the other ancillary costs such as the band, is about $30,000. He said that the financial situation made it too expensive to be held this year.
“We’re disappointed,” Orner said. “It’s one of many reductions that have had to be made.”

He said that there have been discussions on how to make the fireworks revenue neutral, such as sponsorship opportunities, but nothing is definite yet.

Orner said that nothing has been decided on the future of the fireworks, as the annual budget for 2012 to 2013 will determine if they are held.

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