By Fifi Rodriquez
1. GEOGRAPHY: What place is known as Kalaalit Nunaat in the local language?
2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What university’s nickname is the Rainbow Warriors?
3. ASTRONOMY: How many moons does Venus have?
4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a hare’s top ground speed?
5. POP CULTURE: What was the name of the Pillsbury Dough Girl?
6. LITERATURE: What was Tarzan’s real name?
7. MYTHOLOGY: Who was Odysseus’ wife?
8. MUSIC: Until his death, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of which cutting-edge band?
9. ECONOMICS: Who wrote the influential book “Wealth of Nations”?
10. MEASUREMENTS: What does a “stere” measure?

1. Greenland
2. Hawaii
3. None
4. About 43 mph
5. Poppie
6. Lord Greystoke
7. Penelope
8. Nirvana
9. Adam Smith
10. Volume

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