By Chris Richcreek
1. LANGUAGE: What would a group of eggs be called, collectively?
2. FOOD & DRINK: What is the characteristic flavor of the herb anise?
3. SCIENCE: What does the Linnaean System refer to?
4. HISTORY: When did the Ottoman Empire give way to a modern republic in Turkey?
5. LITERATURE: The term “Big Brother” comes from which futuristic novel?
6. ANCIENT WORLD: How is the ancient Greek Thucydides best known?
7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Where would a satrap once have ruled?
8. GEOGRAPHY: Into which body of water does the Volga River flow?
9. POETRY: Who wrote the collection of poetry and prose called “The Map of Love”?
10. INVENTIONS: Who invented the modern aerosol spray can?

1. A clutch
2. Licorice
3. The classification of all living things
4. 1920s
5. “1984”
6. As a historian
7. Persia
8. Caspian Sea
9. Dylan Thomas
10. Norwegian engineer Erik Rotheim

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