Jones skips demonstration at Arab Fest

The Rev. Terry Jones held a second anti-Islam rally since April on the steps in front of Dearborn City Hall Friday, calling for a five-point plan which includes halting Muslim immigration into the United States.

Photos by Daniel Heraty

California Rabbi Nachum Schifren speaks to a crowd of supporters and counter-protesters during a rally against Islam Friday hosted by Florida pastor the Rev. Terry Jones.

Pastor holds rally at city hall, passes on festival

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – Following a rally against radical Islam in front of City Hall, 13615 Michigan Avenue, Florida Rev. Terry Jones, was detained from attending the Arab International Festival by a crowd of counter protesters.

According to published reports, Jones returned to City Hall, and then went back to his hotel room. Three counter-protersters were arrested.

Also speaking at the rally were Texas evangelist Jack Coe Jr., Jones’ associate pastor at Dove Outreach Center, the Rev. Wayne Sapp, and Anti-Islam Rabbi Nachum Shifren.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islam Relations, said Jones and his fellow speakers came to the rally with a message of hate. He added that the efforts of Jones and his supporters were all for nothing.

“Terry Jones and his supporters were miniscule,” he said.

He told a group of supporters before his speech that they were not to retaliate in any way against violence, but that they would not hold back what they want to say.

“We will target every area of large Muslim population to make sure our message is heard,” Jones said.

Jones, who is most famous for overseeing a Quran burning in March, returned in order to further his protest by speaking out again against Sharia law and radical Islam. Following the speech, Jones planned to speak at the Arab American Festival, held on Warren Ave.

About 100 supporters and protesters convened for Jones’ speech.

Eric Jones, from Hazel Park, said that he was there on his own agenda. Calling himself a “concerned Christian,” he said that he was against the United States standing with Israel. Also at the rally was Martin Prehn, from St. Clair Shores, who said that he was there to make sure that everyone’s right to free speech is upheld.

“Not having free speech is far worse than getting your curfew changed or having to stay home,” he said. “The terrorists are the problem, but the number-one problem I see is apathy.”

At City Hall, Jones outlined a five-point plan, which includes granting civil and human rights for Islamic countries or having them banned from the United Nations; halting muslim immigration; the monitoring of all mosques in the U.S.; ensuring that all persons of authority in embassies in Islamic countries be non-Muslim; and a nationwide banning of Sharia law.

Coe said that Islamic nations were responsible for the events of Sept. 11, and that Muslims practice violence against other faiths.

“As Terry Jones said, Islam is the only religion in the word that will kill other religions,” he said.

Sapp said that the speakers were there in order to “crush the fear” that they allege is prevalent in Islam and the Quran. He told the crowd that they did not know the meaning of many of the words that were being shouted at him and that the was angered that criticism of the Quran has become “hate speech.”

Schifren, from California, said the United States was heading down a destructive path and submitting to Islam.
“We are witnessing the greatest country in the world heading toward suicide,” he said.

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