Historic flag pole dedicated during Flag Day ceremony

Photo by James Mitchell

Former Heintzen School teacher Gordon Grogan (right) wearing the former school’s sport jersey, joins members of Southgate’s American Legion 9283 for a Flag Day ceremony. The flag pole that stood for years on school grounds now graces the Southgate Historical Museum.

Sunday Times Newspapers

SOUTHGATE – Flag Day was honored in style Tuesday with the dedication of a flag pole that once stood proud at the former Heintzen School.

A dedication ceremony was held at 3 p.m. featuring members of the Southgate Historical Society, the Southgate Historical Commission, an American Legion color guard, Mayor Joseph Kuspa and special guests including former Heintzen teacher Gordon Grogan.

First opened in 1956, Heintzen Elementary School also served as the district’s middle school, back when students completed their primary education at Northwestern High School.

David Warren, president of the Southgate Historical Society, said the flag’s placement at the Southgate Historical Museum represented another piece of community heritage that will be preserved for future generations. The museum and Society continue their search for old yearbooks, photos and other memorabilia.

“It means a lot for us to save something for our children, and our children’s children,” Warren said.

Preserving the past was one aspect of the ceremony, and Mayor Kuspa took the opportunity to remind attendees of the importance of Flag Day and what it represents. On June 14, 1777, the United States officially adopted the 13 stripes and stars that grew to 50 as the nation’s banner.

“Today we do our part to celebrate Flag Day,” Kuspa said. “It’s not just the dedication of the pole that should be remembered, but that our flag is still there.”

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