Possible solution to use of city-owned cars

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS –A possible resolution restricting the use of city-owned vehicles for personal use will be delayed until June 21.

The reason: a Lansing-based company, Wright Express, will come in to give a presentation on implementing a fuel card system, Councilman Kenneth Baron said after Tuesday’s study session.

Mayor Daniel Paletko did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

The possible implementation of this system led to the council’s decision to wait until the presentation, scheduled for June 21 in the council chambers, 6045 Fenton. Baron said that he and other council members agreed that the information is worth waiting for.

“Let’s wait until we get the last piece of the puzzle in and see what the company says,” Baron said. “I’m very intrigued.”

The system, suggested by Councilman Thomas Berry, would require employees to put in an identification number, a vehicle number and the vehicles mileage after using a city vehicle.

Councilwoman Janet Badalow said that the city already has fuel cards, but she is open to hiring the company.

“If it turns out they can provide some information, and it works out, and there’s no out-of-pocket expenses, that that’s fine.”

The decision came following a proposed resolution by Councilwoman Margaret Van Houten at the regular council meeting May 24, in which she proposed a vote which would limit the use of city-owned vehicles by city employees after hours. Van Houten said the measure would limit city liability and reduce expense.

Badalow said that she hopes that there will be a quick solution to the issue that has been going on for about five years.

“For us to belabor this is ridiculous,” she said.

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