Pastor returning to Arab Festival

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – Florida pastor Terry Jones, who caused a stir in April when he staged a rally against radical Islam at a local mosque which led to two protestor arrests, is set to host another rally.

The rally, meant to “save America and create a better world,” is scheduled for 1 p.m. June 17 at City Hall, 13615 Michigan Ave, Jones said in a statement.

Also included in the statement is a five-point plan calling for the banning of Sharia Law, a Muslim code of conduct, in the United States and the expelling of illegal immigrants and “halting Muslim immigration.” He also said that he is requesting the presence of National Guard troops, due to the expected “amount of counter-protesters and their extreme agenda.”

Before Jones’ April visit, Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. released a statement refuting Jones’ claims regarding the existence of Sharia Law in Dearborn.

Also appearing at the rally with Jones will be Wayne Sapp, associate director of Stand Up America Now!, an organization run by Jones “geared towards us as Americans to stand up on issues that we feel are important,” Texas-based Evangelist Jack Coe Jr. and anti-Muslim Rabbi Nachum Shifren, director of the California Security Council and 2008 California State Senate candidate.

Following the rally, they plan to march in the Arab International Festival, scheduled to take place on Warren Avenue. They plan to speak at another free-speech zone there.

There was some concern from city officials and organizers of the festival, scheduled for June 17 to 19, that it may not happen due to budget cuts. According to published reports, the Wayne County Sheriff’s office will take care of security, and a private clean-up company will be handling waste removal.

City councilors approved the event May 31.

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