City workers suspended after allegations surface

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand doesn’t want to think about how much money might be involved in an alleged theft from a city property.

Last week, city officials began investigating the alleged theft of cash from the city’s compost facility on Racho Road.

“We don’t know the depth, extent or amount,” Lamarand said of allegedly stolen funds.

Four employees have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation by Taylor Police and Department of Public Works Executive Director David Mackie. Lamarand said that a confidential source advised city officials of the possible theft.

The city’s transfer station and Taylor Hills compost facility provides free service to residents twice a year, but charges fees based on the amount and type of materials being disposed.

“It’s a daily cash flow operation,” Lamarand said. “Some monies were receipted, some were never receipted. It’s been that practice for many years.”

Lamarand said the compost facility has operated for more than 20 years, and would not speculate on the amount of cash that may have been taken.

“We have no idea yet,” he said.

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