By Fifi Rodriguez
1. LANGUAGE: What is the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle called?
2. HISTORY: In what city’s harbor was the U.S.S. Maine sunk, one of the precipitating events of the Spanish-American War?
3. MOVIES: Actor James Dean was a leading man in how many movies before he died in a traffic accident?
4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: Chinchillas are native to what continent?
5. TELEVISION: What was name of the lead character on the “The Flying Nun” television series?
6. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: Who once said, “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil”?
7. INVENTION: What invention made Cyrus McCormick famous?
8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: The famous Native American Crazy Horse was a chief of what tribe?
9. CRIME: By what nickname is Albert DeSalvo better known?
10. GEOGRAPHY: What modern city is built on the site of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan?

1. Punt
2. Havana
3. Three
4. South America
5. Sister Bertrille
6. J. Paul Getty
7. The mechanical harvest reaper
8. Lakota
9. The Boston Strangler
10. Mexico City

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