Edi Gathegi

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I have seen previews for a new movie called “Meet Monica Velour,” and I couldn’t believe that the main character was the usually glamorous Kim Cattrall! She looked like a completely different person. Why did she decide to take it on? — Trina R., via email

A: I talked with Kim recently and asked her what most appealed to her about the role. Kim said she was attracted to the part of Monica Velour because it was so against-type for her.

“It was an uncompromising, multidimensional role, and not a hooker with a heart of gold, which I was just so sick of,” she said. “Where do these women go when they are done, and they’re not so pretty anymore and not so perky? The same thing happens in Hollywood. It’s just a bigger version, a dramatized version, of what happens to women — not just in show business, but many businesses.

“This woman is in the gutter, and I wanted to get inside of that, because I always play such a strong, powerful woman. What about a woman who doesn’t have any of those choices or any of those opportunities? Where does she go? I’ve never been given a role like that. Until now, I had never fought for a role like that.”
* * *
Q: Will “Blue Bloods” on CBS be back for a second season? I really hope so, because it’s one of my favorite shows of the season. — George F., Sacramento

A: The Tom Selleck-starring police drama will be back for a second season on CBS this fall. In fact, you can see the entire CBS line-up, as well as many other networks’ shows, at celebrityextraonline.com. Just click “Fall 2011 Network Line-Ups” for the scoop on the new and renewed shows that will be back this fall.
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Q: I can’t wait for the new “X-Men” movie to come out this summer. What can you tell me about it? — Frank S., Atlanta

A: I spoke with “X-Men: First Class” star (and “Twilight” alumnus) Edi Gathegi about the movie, and this is what he revealed: “‘X-Men’ is definitely the thinking-man’s action movie, which in my opinion makes the best kind of action movie. We’ve got a fiercely talented cast.

“Kevin Bacon: He’s Hollywood royalty. He’s a brilliant actor and the nicest guy. He’s the most noncelebrity celebrity you’ll ever meet. And then James McAvoy, he’s just got crazy skill. We did a read-through on one of the first days, and I was just in awe of him. Michael Fassbender is a real actor — he’s a man’s man; he’s got a lot of talent.”
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Q: Is it true that Gwyneth Paltrow is pursuing a music career? — Barbara W., via email

A: Since her roles in “Country Strong” and “Glee,” Gwyneth certainly has been veering in that direction. Her representative told the New York Post, “[Gwyneth] still has not decided if she wants to record an album … [it] is still something she is considering.”

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