By Fifi Rodriguez
1. HISTORY: Whom did William the Conqueror defeat at the Battle of Hastings?
2. LITERATURE: What was William Faulkner’s native state and the setting for his novels?
3. COMMON KNOWLEDGE: What does the Geneva cross symbolize?
4. ANATOMY: What is another name for totipalmate feet?
5. GAMES: What game piece in chess looks like a castle tower?
6. LANGUAGE: What is meaning of “E pluribis unum”?
7. POETRY: Who wrote the words, “God’s in his heaven/ All’s right with the world”?
8. ART: For what type of work was the 16th century artist Titian best known?
9. GEOGRAPHY: Where is Mount Vesuvius?
10. MEDICINE: What is an analgesic drug designed to do?

1. England’s King Harold
2. Mississippi
3. Neutrality
4. Webbed
5. Rook
6. Out of many, one
7. Robert Browning
8. Painting
9. Italy
10. Relieve pain

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