Marcy Rylan stars as “Abby” on “The Young and The Restless”

By Dana Block
Angie picked up on the tension between Jesse and Brot. Greenlee made some headway with Emma after bringing her to the hospital to visit her new baby sister. Asher suffered a serious spinal cord injury in the explosion. Maya was affected by how Caleb was reunited with his biological son. Griffin found a link between Ricky and Diane by searching his computer. Kendall wanted to hold off on telling Erica about her engagement. Wait to See: Jake turns to Cara after Amanda lies to him.

Brooke felt tremendous guilt over what happened between her and Thomas on the island. Tawny forged some text messages from Hope to Liam. Taylor slipped up and referred to Ridge as her husband instead of Whip. Bill’s feelings for Steffy continued to grow while his faith in his marriage lessened. Brooke made Ridge promise to love her no matter what. Taylor ate one of Thomas’ hallucinogenic berries and then fantasized about Ridge. Wait to See: A marriage comes to an end.

Quinn asked Chloe for a second chance with another date. Daniel told Jennifer that he wanted to date her exclusively. Taylor confronted EJ about his drug business. Maggie forgave Victor and said that she wanted him in her life. Dario was desperate for money after he was threatened by his bookie. Sami and the real Rafe finally made love. Stefano assured Kate that he wasn’t doing business with Vivian. EJ sold his illegal drug network to Quinn. Wait to See: Chad and Abigail finally kiss.

Ethan discovered that Lisa was responsible for Kristina’s drug problem. Steve serenaded Olivia with a love song. Johnny realized the level of Lisa’s sickness and decided to warn Patrick. Jax pointed out to Carly how their baby wasn’t safe around Shawn. Alexis paid Sam a visit with the hope that she would not have a child with Jason. Lisa left Robin alone in the basement with a leaking gas heater. Brenda turned to Jax for advice. Jason and Sam decided to postpone parenthood for now. Wait to See: Anthony encourages Abby to work for him.

Nate attacked Matthew for killing his father. Meanwhile, Clint confessed to a TV reporter that he was the one who killed Eddie. Tomas threatened to expose Todd’s secret if he didn’t retract his story. Marty’s psychiatrist was found dead. Jessica, under the influence of alternate personality Wes, was found holding baby Liam. Joey told Kelly that he knew the whole truth about Aubrey. Wait to See: Matthew collapses.

Abby and Tucker were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Katherine waited anxiously as Tucker underwent brain surgery. Victor swore revenge against Diane after she told the police that Ashley intentionally hit Tucker with her car. Later, Abby confessed to the police that she was behind the wheel and not Ashley. Wait to See: Sharon opens up to Sam about her past.

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