Brad Pitt

By Tony Rizzo
Brad Pitt is taking on zombies in his latest film! His production company, Plan B Entertainment, had to wrestle “World War Z” away from Leonardo Di Caprio’s Appian Way Productions. When two of our best actors are fighting over a zombie movie, you can bet it must be a fantastic script. Based on a Max Brooks book, the story follows Gerry Lane, who travels through a post-zombie war world and interviews survivors. If Paramount Pictures can find the necessary partner to split the cost of the $125 million venture, shooting will begin in June.
* * *
Had a reader ask, “What’s happened to Robert Blake?” Blake beat criminal charges for the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely, but was sued in civil court by her three children in 2005 for her wrongful death and ordered to pay them $30 million. Two months later, Blake filed for bankruptcy. In 2008, Blake appealed the judgment and it was cut to $15 million. Now Blake has $3 million of unpaid taxes and legal fees and says he may have to go back to work to pay his debts … that is, if anyone will hire him.

In February, Blake agreed to sign pictures for fans (which would put money in his pocket) at an autograph convention in Burbank. He made a fuss because his line was too short and was asked to leave by the organizers. He came back the next day and signed autographs in the parking lot … for free. Promoters had him removed.

There are many similarities between Blake and O.J. Simpson. Both beat criminal charges, lost civil wrongful-death suits and seem to have a hard time keeping their noses clean. You’d think that if you allegedly got away with murder, you’d keep a low profile. I saw Blake at Nate ‘n Al’s recently and watched as people filed by his table for a closer look. Everyone was talking about him. It’s one thing to be famous, and a whole other thing to be infamous!
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If you’ve got an extra $4.25 million, you could own Jack Nicholson’s 70-acre Malibu mansion that he’s owned since 1978. Jack still lives in his Mulholland Drive house, where his neighbor was Marlon Brando. He is carefully picking his next project after the disappointing performance in “How Do You Know?” that toplined Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. Jack turned 74 on April 22, and he admitted, “I’m slowing down and have struck bio-gravity, I can’t hit on women in public places any more.” Hey Jack, you don’t know Jack! You obviously have forgotten a lot about women. You don’t have to hit on them. You’re Jack Nicholson … let THEM do the work!

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