By Fifi Rodriguez
1. HISTORY: The Geneva Convention, agreements that define international treatment of prisoners of war, were updated in what year?
2. MYTHOLOGY: What are the nine patron goddesses of the arts called?
3. GEOGRAPHY: The Pyrenees Mountains lie between France and what other country?
4. ANATOMY: Stomatitis is inflammation of what?
5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Mother Cabrini was the first U.S. citizen to become what?
6. PRESIDENTS: Who was the 14th president of the United States?
7. SCIENCE: What genus do human beings belong to?
8. LITERATURE: In what century did Dante complete “The Divine Comedy”?
9. TELEVISION: On the animated children’s show “Arthur,” what kind of animal does the main character resemble?
10. MATH: What is the square root of 64?

1. 1949
2. The Muses
3. Spain
4. The mouth
5. A saint
6. Franklin Pierce
7. Homo
8. 14th century
9. Aardvark
10. 8

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