Public Service Days resume April 4

Parked vehicles must be off streets neighborhood trash collection days

DEARBORN — The city will begin its 2011 season for Public Service Days during the week of April 4. They are scheduled to end Dec. 2.

Parked vehicles must be off the street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during a neighborhood’s Public Service Day, or they will be ticketed.

Public Service Days are the same day as trash collection day in a neighborhood.

If a neighborhood’s trash is picked up on Monday, Public Service Day is Monday. If trash day is Tuesday, the neighborhood Public Service Day is Tuesday. The pattern continues through the rest of the week.

Since Public Service Days are scheduled differently in neighborhoods throughout the city, visitors should ask friends and relatives what their Public Service Day is before parking on the street when visiting.

On Public Service Days, vehicles in a driveway may be parked across the public sidewalk without penalty, but parking on the grass is always prohibited.

Signs in every neighborhood alert drivers to the Public Service Days applicable on the surrounding blocks.

Public Service Days allow the city to provide neighborhoods with services like street-sweeping, loose leaf collection, tree trimming, and sewer maintenance, in a safe, effective manner.

Check or call (313) 943-2886 for general information on Public Service Days.

For parking issues related to Public Service Days, call (313) 943-2276.

The 2011 city calendar, which is available at the city’s libraries and City Hall, also is handy for additional information. Page 30 of the calendar has more details, as well as a map of Public Service Days/Trash Collection Days.