Katherine Kelly Lang stars as “Brooke” on “The Bold and The Beautiful”

By Dana Block
Greenlee reminded Madison that Ryan had a lot on his mind and didn’t need anymore stress. Ricky quickly ran out the back door before Kendall caught him inside her home. Amanda drowned her sorrows during Tad and Cara’s wedding ceremony. Ryan overheard Madison talking to the doctor about her due date and realized that he was her baby’s father. Tad and Cara returned home from their honeymoon while Jake tried not to appear jealous. Wait to See: Scott kisses Madison. Madison accuses Greenlee of taking credit for an idea at work.

Taylor was furious that Brooke was planning another overseas business trip with Thomas. Marcus surprised his parents by coming to Amber’s defense. Steffy confronted Bill about what she witnessed between him and Amber. Thomas came to Brooke for dating advice. Oliver tried to make Hope realize how happy they could be together. Thomas told Steffy about his and Brooke’s kiss. Wait to See: Stephanie slaps Brooke.

Brady offered Taylor a job at Titan. Stefano’s mind-erasing drug appeared to have worked on Rafe. Daniel refused to give Nathan his blessing to propose to Melanie. Abigail was turned off when she found out that Chad was a DiMera. Maggie blurted out to Victor that she loved him. Nicole insisted that Taylor move into the mansion despite EJ’s objections. Adrienne and Justin announced their engagement. Nicole found imposter Rafe very appealing. Wait to See: EJ admits to Taylor that he has feelings for her. Sami overhears Rafe’s imposter giving Johnny some questionable advice.

Elizabeth submitted a new DNA test on her son after hearing about Lucky and Siobhan’s engagement. Jason was unamused to learn that he was a character in Spinelli’s new novel. Sonny rescued Brenda just after she was injected with a deadly poison. Ethan was indifferent about Kristina’s growing attraction toward him. Patrick and Robin were caught trespassing while trying to spy on Lisa and Johnny. Jax threatened Carly with a custody suit after he caught her helping another mobster. Wait to See: Theo and Suzanne search for their grandchild.

Todd hired John to investigate Tomas. Dorian warned Charlie that he had better sever all ties with Echo. Blair and Tomas ignored everyone’s advice and agreed to date. An unseen gunman took a shot at Todd. Langston felt betrayed when Ford decided not to institutionalize Tess. Charlie found himself kissing Echo instead of giving her the boot. Bo got a clue to David’s whereabouts. Wait to See: Dorian strikes up a flirtation with Cutter.

Victor backed Sharon up by telling the law that she tried to save Skye’s life, not kill her. Sharon was furious to learn that Nick blackmailed Adam into leaving town. It was later revealed that Adam was in Thailand, where he met up with Koa. Kyle did his best to make Phyllis miserable while she was dating his father. The judge awarded Victoria and her siblings a multimillion-dollar settlement from Victor. Wait to See: Nikki learns Deacon’s secret.

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