Tree trimming under way in Dearborn neighborhoods

DEARBORN – Planning is under way for the city’s annual neighborhood tree trimming beautification program.

The department covers areas containing about 6,000 trees every year, over a span of 21 service areas. Each area is treated once every five years.

Tree trimming and pruning helps produce strong, healthy and attractive plants. It not only improves the health and appearance of trees, but also removes obstructions from vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

This year, the areas of Martha, Myrtle, York, Freda, Hemlock, Gary and Alber will be trimmed.

Trimming in the Levagood neighborhood has already been completed.

A map of the service areas and tree trimming schedule for the next few years will be posted in April 2011 on the city’s Website under the Department of Public Works page, at

Residents in neighborhoods scheduled for tree trimming are notified prior to the service starting.

Residents are encouraged to water the trees on the city easement in front of their homes as needed.

For more information call the DPW at (313) 943-2317.