How Snyder’s budget will impact our classrooms

Dear community members,
Now that Gov. Rick Snyder has presented his budget proposal, the debate in Lansing will continue for several weeks as legislators work out the details. In order to better understand how this plan will impact our classrooms, I would like to take a moment to provide the following summary of the key components of the governor’s budget proposal.

Impact on District
• Per-student funding reduced by $470/student

• 31a At-Risk funds eliminated

• Section 41 Bilingual funds eliminated

Total $14,030,000

In addition to these cuts in revenue, the district may face as much as a $5 million increase in the amount paid to the state’s pension fund.

As concerned community members, it’s important that you voice your opinion on the governor’s cuts. Every parent, business owner, homeowner and community member should contact Gov. Snyder at: Gov. Rick Snyder, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, MI 48909; (517) 373-3400; or

Explain to the governor that:

• Reductions in funding at this level will be devastating to our classrooms.

• Dearborn students across the district will see reductions in staff, resources and services.

• These budget recommendations hit Dearborn harder than other district due to the elimination of needed funds for “at-risk” and bilingual students.

• Reductions in funding will mean fewer resources, human and material, needed to help students achieve the new state-mandated, college-ready test scores.

I highly encourage you to contact the governor’s office and explain the impact these cuts will have on our students, your children.

Fortunately our representatives in the state House and Senate are aware of this situation and are working to help Dearborn students. We thank them for their support and caring about our students.

Despite several years of declining state revenue, the Board of Education and the administrative team have remained committed to timely budget planning and being fiscally responsible to the citizens living in our district. Working with our staff and community, the district will continue to take a proactive stance on budget issues and maintain our commitment to devote available resources that meet the academic needs of students.

As state lawmakers move through the budget process, we will continue to provide you with information on any changes that could impact funding for Dearborn Public Schools. Although school districts do not have the ability to raise revenue locally or control spiraling state retirement costs, we will work to preserve quality instructional programs so that all students will continue to be successful in the classroom.

Brian J. Whiston
Dearborn Public Schools