Suspect in mosque bombing plot charged

Times-Herald Newspapers

DETROIT — A California man was arraigned Friday in Frank Murphy Hall of Justice on charges that he planned to blow up the Islamic Center of America, 19500 Ford Road.

Roger Stockham, 63, is being held in Wayne County Jail instead of $500,000 bond. He is charged with possessing explosives and threatening terrorism.

The case now will go before Judge Bruce Morrow starting Friday.

Stockham was arrested outside the center Jan. 24 with explosives in his car. He said he was looking to make history, and that there was going to be an explosion “here, there and the mosque.”

Published reports said Stockham had intended to spray paint the words “Crazy Horse 18” on or around the center. His defense attorney, Matthew Evans, said at a pretrial hearing Wednesday in Dearborn that Stockham was trying to start a social protest.