Ford Center undergoing renovations

DEARBORN – The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center is in the midst of various renovations that will increase usability and enjoyment for all who use it.

The most notable change at the center is the addition of two restrooms, which will be set in place of the Center Court Café kitchen and storage areas. The additional restrooms will decrease congestion in the current south lobby restrooms when special events are hosted in the Hubbard Ballroom, Studio A or in the Michael A. Guido Theater.

They also are intended to improve customer service to senior citizens and the disabled.

In addition, a full-service vending center will be available to fulfill patrons’ needs.

Between four and six high quality vending machines will be added to the two already there. These will serve items such as juices and hot and cold sandwiches.

Microwave ovens will be available for patron use. Whole bean coffee freshly ground for each cup, blends of specialty gourmet drinks, cocoas, teas and soups also will be available.

The center’s clubrooms also are being renovated. There are currently six clubrooms available for rent, each of which can host an intimate number of people. The new renovations will allow for two party and conference rooms and four smaller spaces.

TMP Architecture Inc., the company that designed the center and has provided smaller renovations over the years, also is handling this project, adding to the uniformity of the overall design.

The marquee outside the center also is getting an upgrade. A new, stainless steel skin will be installed to ensure that the sign will be durable for years.

The renovations should not affect visitors’ or pass-holders’ experience at the center and the interior projects should be completed by spring.

For more information on the center call (313) 943-2350 or go to