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Tax Advisor’s Group

Mark M. Mawri, Tax Specialist
24336 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn MI 48124
(313) 523-1452

Tax Advisor’s Group can provide a wealth of services for both businesses and individuals. We specialize in small business taxes especially for the self-employed. Income tax preparation includes all personal and business tax returns. Services include electronic filing, bank products and refund loans. We also process back taxes and extensions.

Tax Advisor’s Group has additional services for the small business. Business incorporations, payroll set up and processing, bookkeeping, as well as data and identity theft protection services which can help a small business in a big way. We also offer life insurance business planning and health coverage, underwritten by John Hancock and a few other companies. Employee resource programs are a valuable part of our services.

Individuals may find useful services such as debt resolution, notary services, copy services, and mortgage re-negotiations. We also have a residential resource program.

Tax Specialist Mark Mawri has a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan. As a finance major with accounting minor, and having over nine years experience, he is equipped to handle all of your individual and small business needs. His philosophy is to build a relationship with each client and to be in communication with them all year, not just during the tax season. Mawri also owns Trusted Advisors Group, his agency for life, health and annuity insurances.

Contact Mawri to find out more about Tax Advisor’s Group or if you have questions about anything regarding taxes or small business services. Mawri is offering $25 off any service to anyone who mentions this article.