Traditionally the role of a chamber of commerce has been to serve member businesses. While the Dearborn Heights Chamber certainly has business as its focus, some benefits have been extended to individuals in our local community as well. MI Benefit Advisor is a resource for businesses and individuals to evaluate health insurance plans and services.

MI Benefit Advisor is focused on understanding your current health insurance circumstance, analyzing your needs, and providing you with detailed health plans and money-saving tips. The Advisor will be there to help you every step of the way.

The goal of the Website is for you to have a fuller understanding of the drivers that influence your health plan. The information you receive will provide you with a starting point for discussion with your independent insurance agent. If you do not currently have an insurance agent, the Dearborn Heights Chamber can put you in touch with one of our agent partners.

To access MI Benefit Advisor go to the chamber Website at and click on the Simply Blue advertisment. For more information call the Chamber at (313) 274-7480.