By Fifi Rodriguez
1 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Where did Charles Lindbergh start his famous solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
2. LANGUAGE: How many letters are in the English alphabet?
3. HISTORY: When did Armistice Day become Veterans Day?
4. TELEVISION: For which city’s police department did Chief Robert Ironside work?
5. PHILOSOPHY: Which philosopher was imprisoned for his pacifism in 1918?
6. MYTHOLOGY: What was the name of Pecos Bill’s horse?
7. MOVIES: What were the first names of the movie star Gish sisters?
8. BIBLE: In the Old Testament, where did Jacob’s Ladder lead?
9. MUSIC: Who wrote the opera “Der Ring des Nibelungen”?
10. ETIQUETTE: What type of gift is traditional for a 20th wedding anniversary?

1. Long Island, N.Y.
2. 26
3. 1954
4. San Francisco
5. Bertrand Russell
6. Widow-Maker
7. Dorothy and Lillian
8. To heaven
9. Richard Wagner
10. China

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