Puppy & Bean gifts celebrity moms at the 2011 Boom Boom Room

Photo courtesy of Laurel Kolinski

Puppy & Bean founder Laurel Kolinski (right) presents a gift box to Chad Lowe in the Boom Boom Room at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills.

DEARBORN — Puppy & Bean, a children’s T-shirt company based here, participated in the Pre-Golden Globes Boom Boom Room gifting suite Jan. 14 and 15 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The company was selected by designer and celebrity event planner Jayneoni Moore to participate in her annual celebrity mom gifting event that precedes the Golden Globes. Each year celebrity mothers look forward to this extraordinary array of new and creative products for children.

Puppy & Bean distributed special gift boxes containing onesies, toddler T-shirts and tote bags at the event.

Celebrities attending this year’s event included Tiffani Thiessen, Jane Krakowski, Nicole Sullivan, Jewel, Chad Lowe and Scott Baio.

The Puppy & Bean baby onesies and toddler T-shirts resonated with many celebrity parents. “Happy Bean” was a favorite onesie slogan. Favorite T-shirt slogans were “Someone Needs a Nap,” “I was clean (when I started),” “Product of: Imperfect Parenting,” “Future Secretary of State” and “MINE … I’m still learning to share.”

“This was a fantastic opportunity to get our products in front of a new audience, and also to expand our goal of supporting worthwhile causes,” Puppy & Bean founder Laurel Kolinski said. “As part of the Hollywood event, Puppy & Bean donated a selection of T-shirts and tote bags to Nahla’s World, a charity organized by actress Halle Berry to provide clothes, toys and other necessities to mothers and their children at a local shelter for domestic violence victims.”

Kolinski said the inspiration for Puppy & Bean’s ‘simple t-shirts for complex creatures’ came from her two sons.

“As the mother of two young sons, I had a difficult time finding clothes for the boys to wear on a Saturday morning that were fun but also soft and comfortable,” she said. “And of course, they have to be cute. I started Puppy & Bean with the goal of producing T-shirts that make all of us happy. Our mission is simple: to design products that bring levity to the demanding, but rewarding, job of parenting. Each of our T-shirts is inspired by our own experiences raising kids, particularly toddlers.”

For more information, contact Kolinski at Betty@Puppyandbean.com or go to www.puppyandbean.com.