Melissa Reeves stars as “Jennifer” on “Days of Our Lives”

By Dana Block
Kendall’s condition worsened as she developed an aneurysm. Marissa and JR agreed to stay friends after their divorce. Scott was acutely aware of Madison’s feelings toward Ryan. Kendall snuck out of the hospital to look for Erica but collapsed in the park. JR was tired of trying to reassure Annie that he loved her. Later, while driving, Annie had a hallucination and crashed into the ambulance carrying Kendall and several others. Wait to See: Cara tells Jake that she still loves him.

Hope was skeptical of Amber’s claim that she was pregnant with Liam’s baby. Donna visited Eric one last time before her wedding to Justin. Katie warned Brooke that she had better resign from the ad campaign or jeopardize her marriage to Ridge. Amber asked Oliver not to tell anyone that they used to sleep together. Nick’s doctor gave him another warning to quit smoking. Thomas hinted to Ridge that there was someone special in his life. Wait to See: Stephanie stages an intervention for Nick.

Nicole was not exactly happy to see her sister, Taylor, in Salem. Lee surgically removed Jennifer’s heart to sell to Ben. EJ kept Rafe imprisoned in a cage while an imposter took Rafe’s place in Sami’s life. Carly let Bo go so that he could find his true love, Hope. Daniel was able to reattach Jennifer’s heart. Melanie told Nathan that she could never trust him again. Wait to See: Rafe meets his lookalike.

Carly informed Jax that she was filing for divorce after finding out he went to London to protect Brenda. Siobhan told Lucky why she had no choice but to work for the Balkan. Nikolas was jealous when a business partner began flirting with Brook Lynn. Suzanne knew more about Brenda’s baby than she let on. Dante blamed himself for what happened to Michael in prison. Steve grew increasingly suspicious of Lisa. Wait to See: Sam takes a pregnancy test.

Cutter was able to intercept Aubrey’s yearbook (revealing her true identity) before Dorian could see it. Rex warned Echo that he might order another DNA test. Marty escaped from the institution and showed up on John’s doorstep on the day of his wedding. Starr prepares to say goodbye to Cole so that she could begin dating James. Kelly admitted to Joey that she still had feelings for him. Wait to See: Jessica finally learns the truth about Brody and Natalie.

Jack found out that Skye had inside information about the Newman Fund before she disappeared. Sofia was hit by a motorcycle near the coffeehouse. Sharon lost custody of Faith. Lily had enough of Cane’s secrets and left him. Colin realized that Blake was behind Sofia’s accident. Diane was surprised by Nick’s change of heart toward her. Cane left Lily a note telling her that he would be honest with her. Wait to See: Adam returns to his old ways.

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