New Chamber Members

Children with Hairloss
Jim Beri
12776 S. Dixie Highway
S. Rockwood, MI, 48179
(734) 379-4400

Children with Hairloss Inc. is a resource dedicated to assist families who have children suffering from hair loss by providing them with a custom vacuum cranial hair prosthesis, wigs and hair replacement products which enables the child to live a normal and active lifestyle. They do not charge the families for their products or services up to the age of 21. Many children lose their hair due to medical conditions such as: cancer, alopecia, and burn victims. Cancer patients are usually considered short-term hair loss victims due to radiation and chemotherapy. Other children may suffer hair loss for the rest of their lives due to diseases such as: alopecia, burn victims, or other rare disorders. These children are healthy, but will never grow hair. In our present day, hair is very important to a child’s identity, self-esteem, and feeling of self-worth. CWHL’s goal is to help these children by providing them with a vacuum cranial hair prosthesis that will enable them to have the self-confidence they need to fit in. Medical insurance rarely covers hair replacement for children. Many times the families are too financially strapped to pay for what some would think frivolous; and yet the families desperately want their child to lead the happiest and most normal life available to them. CWHL is committed to helping any child in need. Our mission is “Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts.”

Jeff Ranken
6609 Allen Road
Allen Park, MI, 48101
(313) 563-7601

Sign-A-Rama of Allen Park is a locally owned and operated member of the world’s largest sign franchise. Their award-winning network of sign centers is approaching 1,000 locations in 50 countries – truly making them “where the world goes for signs.” They are determined to provide the best customer service and support to deliver the ideal solution to whatever your signage needs may be. Their commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry. They know the importance of brand awareness. Signage plays an integral part in the recognition of a brand and therefore quality is imperative. At Sign-A-Rama, they believe in going the extra mile to produce more than just quick, standard signage. Sign-A-Rama of Allen Park offers full-service signage options that you simply cannot get anywhere else. They have a 60-inch-wide format digital printer using the latest in ink technology from Hewlett Packard providing a true environmentally friendly solution for producing graphics and signs. They produce the most vibrant eye catching banners, signs and displays as well as full wall murals. Whether one sign or hundreds, temporary banners or permanent monument signs, they are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every customer each and every time.

SEEN Vison Care
Dr. B.K. Wahab/Carol Cummins
22137 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI, 48124
(313) 278-SEEN

Dr. B.K. Wahab is a Boston transplant who moved to Michigan after marriage. He recently opened SEEN Vision Care in west Dearborn and says his waiting list of eager patients is a combination of using the best technology and materials. They have been a beta site for numerous technological advances for both assessment and diagnosis of eye conditions and they also do many unique things, including allowing the patient to see what the doctor is seeing and are truly an interactive office. Patients are also thankful for the high-end materials used for their spectacles. While a lot of people who need bifocals complain they cannot adjust to wearing progressive lenses, because of the SEEN Vision Care manufacturing process and using only the best lens options available-they have one of the lowest drop-out rates. Dr. Wahab says “people often take good sight for granted when they should be taking preventive meth-ods to protect their eyes since few realize the importance of guarding their sight and should have periodic optometric examinations which are an important part of routine preventive health care.” Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms therefore individuals are often unaware that a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and can also possibly prevent permanent vision loss. They stock over 1,000 frames to fit any size or style as well as contact lens services. Also available are Lasik evaluations, diabetic eye exams and cataract exams.

TheraMatrix Physical Therapy
Kiahini Bates
24050 Oxford Street
Dearborn, MI, 48124
(313) 730-2064

TheraMatrix Physical Therapy
Arlene Savir
8270 N. Telegraph Road
Dearborn Heights, MI, 48127
(313) 565-6329

TheraMatrix Physical Rehabilitation offers the most current rehabilitation care and equipment to ensure a quick recovery progress. Our team of professionals provide cost effective, individualized treatment programs. TheraMatrix’s rehabilitation program considers the whole person and is strongly tied to the patient’s perceptions and expectations. An injured patient is more than a statistic. The impact of an injury reaches beyond the quality and productivity concerns of the workplace and/or home. Injuries affect an individual’s self-esteem, self worth, and family. These changes, however subtle, impact the work they do and the people with whom they interact. Through progressive rehabilitation techniques, patients learn to deal with and overcome physical pain. The rehabilitation process educates the individual about the mechanisms of injury, proper ergonomic considerations for prevention, and over-coming the fear of returning to work or normal daily activities. TheraMatrix’s philosophy of treatment helps the individual to once again, contribute to their employer, family, and society.