By Fifi Rodriguez
1. POP CULTURE: Who coined the phrase “flower power”?
2. SCIENCE: What is another name for beta carotene?
3. LANGUAGE: What does the title “mahatma” literally mean?
4. LITERATURE: Who wrote “The Color Purple”?
5. HISTORY: Who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo?
6. GEOGRAPHY: The Hawaiian islands are a part of what larger group of Pacific islands?
7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who was the private citizen who was filming President Kennedy’s motorcade with a home-movie camera when Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas?
8. TELEVISION: What was the name of the German commandant in “Hogan’s Heroes”?
9. COMICS: In the comic strip “Hi and Lois,” what is the name of the couple’s youngest daughter?
10. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president was sometimes called “the rail splitter”?

1. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg
2. Vitamin A
3. Great soul
4. Alice Walker
5. Duke of Wellington
6. Polynesia
7. Abraham Zapruder
8. Col. Wilhelm Klink
9. Trixie
10. Abraham Lincoln

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