Aaron Spears stars as “Justin” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

By Dana Block
Marissa listened to the messages that Annie left on JR’s phone and suspected that there was more going on with them than just business. Asher discovered that Liza and Damon slept together. Cara told Jake that she had leukemia as a child. Kendall had a flashback of herself holding a gun. Tad went undercover to find out who was stealing prescription drugs at the hospital. Wait to See: JR finds the stolen jewelry in Annie’s room.

Stephanie begged Nick to quit smoking after a spot was found on his lungs. Justin said yes to Donna’s proposal. Tawny befriended someone who was an expert at falsifying lab reports. Thomas assured Brooke that she shouldn’t feel uneasy around him. Nick walked in on Stephanie telling Jackie about his doctor visit. Amber moved to the trailer park to live with Tawny and her cats. Stephen made a shocking announcement to his family. Wait to See: Olivia Winters arrives in town for her cousin’s wedding.

Sami was angry at Nicole’s continued inclusion in her children’s lives. Chloe drowned her sorrows at the bar while Maggie babysat. Kate tried to persuade Melanie to raise Parker as her own son. Jennifer stole Ben’s key to the prison infirmary. Rafe was in a serious car accident. Justin and Adrienne reconciled. Jennifer was kidnapped by Lee after she found out that the prison was selling organs to the hospital. Wait to See: Nicole has a surprise visitor.

Alexis arranged for Molly to see a therapist for her post-traumatic stress disorder. Lulu found Johnny after he was badly beaten by one of the Balkan’s henchmen. Jason discovered that there was a new fertility procedure that might help Sam. Terrell continued to charm Robin, much to Patrick’s annoyance. Michael was overcome with memories of his own assault while trying to save Abby from Brandon. Lucky confronted the suspected traitor in the organization. Wait to See: Michael tells Jason the truth about what happened to him in prison.

Blair met Tomas, the artist who painted her portrait. Clint ordered Joey to have Aubrey sign a prenuptial agreement. Natalie and Jessica unknowingly chose the same name for their newborn sons. Aubrey got the upper hand on Clint. Viki banned Echo from the christening. Michelle tried to convince Starr to attend the school dance. Dorian admitted to Rex that she suspected that Clint was really his father. Wait to See: Starr realizes that she has to move on without Cole.

Daniel realized that the baby he was holding might be his. Victor offered to pay Sharon’s bail as long as he remained anonymous. Jill agreed to elope with Colin after her family was unhappy about their engagement. Victor denied having anything to do with Skye’s disappearance. Tucker offered Noah a recording contract. Phyllis admitted to Billy that she secretly believed in Sharon’s innocence. Wait to See: Diane’s love life gets more complicated.

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