Bogus roofer sets stage for daylight robbery

TAYLOR — Two men allegedly robbed a resident in the 27100 block of Stacy in the middle of the day Jan. 14 as she waited on a refrigerator repairman.

She told police she was sitting at her kitchen table about 2:30 p.m. when an Arabic-looking man about 30 years old wearing a baseball cap and blue jeans walked in through her front door. The inside door was open and the screen door was unlocked.

The man said she needed a new roof, so she asked him to step outside to talk. He ignored her request, however, and sat down at the kitchen table and asked for a piece of paper and a glass of water.

She acquiesced, fearing for her life, police said.

The man then told her the water was too cloudy to drink, so she took the glass and put it in the sink and sat back down at the table. He then began writing and talking about her roof.

At that point a blond white man about 30 years old wearing a red jacket and blue jeans walked in the front door and proceeded down her hallway. She told police she was afraid to say anything, so she did not ask what he was doing.

About two minutes later the second man returned to her living room. Both men then left, ran outside and got into a silver station wagon, possibly a Dodge Magnum, and fled north on Seibert, at which point she called police.

About $700 was taken from a drawer in a bedroom, she said. She was not sure how they knew where to look for the money, and said she would check with relatives about acquaintances of “problem family members.”

The woman, who was uninjured, said the notepad the man was writing on bore several letters and numbers, but no sentence structure of any kind.

— Tom Tigani