Jake Gyllenhaal

By Tony Rizzo
“Brokeback Mountain” co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, who played his wife, recently worked together again in “Love and Other Drugs,” which included sexy scenes unlike anything in “Brokeback Mountain,” at least between them. Next up, Jake will star opposite Michelle Monaghan in “Source Code.” Jake plays a decorated soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. The movie premieres April 1.

There was never a real-life romance between Jake and Hathaway or Monahan, but Jake, who is 30, was dating country-music singing sensation Taylor Swift. He reportedly gave her a $100,000 bracelet for her 21st birthday in December, but they recently split. Taylor is gearing up for an acting career. Guess she taught him how to sing, and he taught her how to act … among other things!

Sandra Bullock has finally gotten herself a hot leading man, starring opposite George Clooney in the 3D science-fiction movie “Gravity.” The two Oscar winners play astronauts fighting to survive after satellite debris wipes out the rest of the crew and destroys most of their space station. Filming begins this spring. And wouldn’t it be something if these two fell in love? What a super couple they’d make … look out Angie and Brad!

Leo the Lion will roar again! MGM has emerged from bankruptcy, and the first film on its new shooting schedule is the 23rd James Bond film, with Daniel Craig returning for his third 007 outing. MGM also is planning a tribute to the first Bond film, “Dr. No,” which will celebrate its 50th year in 2012. Other projects announced are “The Hobbit,” an attempt to add a new dimension to the hit trilogy “The Lord of The Rings,” and the completed remake of “Red Dawn,” which wrapped before things got out of hand with MGM’s finances.

Are reality shows killing the in-reality of soap operas? Fifteen years ago, the No. 1 daytime drama, “The Young and The Restless,” had 14 million viewers daily. Today it has just 4 million viewers daily. While daytime programmers are scrambling to figure out why their numbers are dropping so drastically, we can only guess it’s because our lives have been sped up by the use of computers and cell phones. If soaps don’t pick up the pace of their storylines, continue to have outrageous divas and hot, sexy men, they may be a TV format that’s had its day. Whatever will housewives watch while they iron? Who irons anymore?!

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