Police Blotter

Allen Park
Suspect found in bin

Footprints in the snow led to the discovery of a man found urinating in a trash bin Sunday.

After responding to a security alarm at a house in the 7600 block of Robinson shortly after 4:30 p.m., the officer found a hole in a window screen and broken glass. The officer followed footprints near the garage there and through the backyard onto Buckingham and then north onto Robinson, where they stopped near a trash bin at the corner of Robinson and Ecorse.

The officer opened it and found a 46-year-old Westland man with his pants down to his ankles. The man said he was urinating.

Entry did not appear to be made to the house.

The man said he was at the residence in question but denied throwing anything through the window. He said he lived at the residence but had no key and did not know the code to the alarm.

Officers contacted the homeowner, who said she sometimes lets the man stay at her house, but that he does not have permission to be there when she is away.

The man was advised and released on warrants out of Westland. Some time later, the homeowner’s brother told police that an electric meter was missing from the house.

Unknown man enters shop, takes $1
The owner of a flower shop reported last week that someone had entered her building during the night.

Just before 9 a.m. Saturday, the owner of Bambi’s Flowers, 5903 Allen Road, called to report she had been sleeping in the back room of the shop the night before when an unknown male wearing a black coat entered the room.

When she asked if the man was her grandson, who occasionally checks up on her, the man told her to shut up and left. When she woke up the next morning, the woman said $1 was missing from the cash register, which had been left open prior to the shop closing.

Police said everything else appeared to be in order.

Officer stops potential robbery

A gold 2002 Chevrolet Blazer with its high-beam lights on drove past a patrol car, turned into a gas station at Greenfield and Tireman and stopped at a gas pump about 2:15 a.m. Dec. 9.

A 27-year-old Westland man got out of the driver’s seat and headed toward the building before abruptly stopping and going back to the vehicle to rummage through the center console. When the officer turned on the patrol car’s emergency lights, the man closed the door and began to walk toward the building, but was stopped.

The man was nervous and said the high beams were not his fault. The vehicle was registered to the mother of a 23-year-old Detroit woman who was in the passenger seat. When the vehicle door was opened, it smelled like marijuana, and the woman said her mother smoked medical marijuana.

A loaded .357 Magnum revolver was discovered in the center console angled toward the driver’s seat, and a black cloth face mask was on the ground in the back seat. A wooden billy club/baton was also in the back pocket of the driver’s seat, and a bag of crack cocaine was found in the woman’s purse.

Although he already had been arrested and read his Miranda rights, the man told the officer everything was his, and that he had hidden the cocaine in the woman’s purse.

He also said he smoked marijuana earlier in the day, which explained the smell. Police said all comments were audible in scout car surveillance footage.

Dearborn Heights
Man throws soda cans at manager

A manager at Triangle Party Store, 4648 Southfield, was assaulted during an energy drink theft about 5:45 p.m. Dec. 11.

The manager noticed a white man in a white shirt and dark jeans was pocketing cans of Red Bull. When confronted, the suspect threw a 12-pack of soda at the manager, who blocked it with his arm.

The suspected continued throwing cans of pop at the manager, and a struggle ensued before the suspect broke free and ran outside to a waiting vehicle that drove west on Annapolis.

Aside from the mess inside the store, two cans of Red Bull valued together at $8 were missing.

Man takes funds from donation bowl
An unknown man stole $5 to $10 from a newspaper donation bowl on the counter of 7-Eleven, 27150 Cherry Hill, about 7:15 a.m. Dec. 11 and got away, but two men who were with the thief were captured.

Police said three black men entered the store, and one grabbed the cash and fled east toward Cherry Hill Apartments. The other two remained in the store, and when confronted by the clerk, the taller man pushed her. Both then fled the scene southeast across Cherry Hill toward Arlington and were apprehended by police.

The two men were a tall 17-year-old from Inkster and shorter 19-year-old from Wayne. The robbery suspect is between 17 and 21, 5 feet and 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds. He was wearing a gray jacket at the time of the theft.

An 81-year-old resident witnessed the event.

Suspects nabbed in market break-in

A 46-year-old Detroit man and a 46-year-old Melvindale man were arrested in connection with a breaking and entering of Noor Fruit Market,18942 Dix.

On routine patrol at 6:30 a.m. Sunday, an officer spotted the whole in the market’s door. Soon after, the men drove out of a nearby alley. The resident, who was driving, had no identification on his person and was arrested.

Officers observed a lock and chain in the back of the vehicle that matched one missing from the market’s front door. Breaking-and-entering tools also were found inside the vehicle. The Detroit man, who was a passenger, then was arrested.

Two held for drunken driving

Two drivers were arrested in separate incidences while allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated near Civic Park on Sibley last week.

At 11:15 p.m. Dec. 9, police responded to an off-duty officer who followed a vehicle driving erratically on in the area. He said the 1996 Dodge Ram pickup was “all over the road,” and crossed over lane dividers twice. When officers approached the vehicle, they noticed a smell of intoxicants.

The driver, a 37-year-old Dearborn Heights man, said he had two drinks, but refused to say which kind. He failed field sobriety tests and refused a preliminary breath test. A search warrant was obtained to test his blood. The man, who has three prior convictions for operating while intoxicated, was held for a warrant.

At 2:14 a.m. a Riverview woman was stopped in the area after an officer driving behind her recorded her speed as 44 mph in the 35 mph zone. He also witnessed her strike the fog line twice.

When he approached, he noticed an odor of intoxicants on her. She said she had consumed three beers and stopped drinking a half hour ago. After three tries on a preliminary breath test, she registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.10 percent.

The legal limit in Michigan is 0.08 percent. A warrant was obtained to draw her blood; an arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 19.

Home decorations stolen

Figurines and CDs were among the items taken Dec. 11 from an apartment in the 15700 block of Goddard.

The resident said she returned home about 8:50 p.m. to find several items missing, including two elephant figurines valued at $100, an Oriental statue ($250), a thermometer ($25) and 30 CDs ($500).

The means of entry was undetermined.

Rifle, hunting gear gone
Thousands of dollars worth of items were taken Dec. 11 from a 2010 Ford F-150 parked in the lot at Shotmakers, 12045 Dix-Toledo.

The owner said he may mistakenly have hit the unlock button on his remote control key ring when he went inside. When he came out about 11:40 p.m., the driver’s-side door and extended cab door were open.

A 7 mm bolt rifle and scope valued at $1,200 were missing, as were a duffel bag containing $1,200 worth of hunting clothes, a $250 drill and $30 in coins.

Friend suspected in break-in

Electronics, jewelry and prescription medication turned up missing about 7 p.m. last Sunday after an apparent break-in at a house in the 4500 block of Leisure Lane.

The resident said entry apparently had been gained through the rear sliding glass door. Missing items included a video game console valued at $100, portable stereo ($50), a $400 gold ring, a $200 men’s gold necklace, $900 cash and three bottles of prescription drugs.

The resident suspects his friend may be responsible for the theft.

Car window explodes
A Dearborn Heights man was sitting in his Dodge Avenger about 7:20 p.m. Dec. 11 in the parking lot at Sibley Gardens, 916 W. Jefferson, when the car’s rear window exploded.

A responding officer was unable to determine how the window was broken.

Center’s number used in fraud
An employee at Aberdeen Skilled Nursing Center, 5500 Fort St., reported Dec. 10 that someone has been using the center’s telephone number as a contact point for people to give personal information about their bank accounts.

The center has received calls from people in Tennessee, Florida and overseas saying that someone called them from that number and needed to talk to them about their bank accounts. The employee said the center’s phone service provider could find no unusual activity on the system, but would investigate the matter further.

Police have no suspects at this point.

Lincoln Park
Man takes TVs

About 6 p.m. last Sunday, a man walked out of CVS/pharmacy, 3647 Dix, with three 15-inch televisions.

A clerk said the man selected the three sets near the front of the store, then began running toward the front doors. The clerk ran after him and saw him get into the passenger side of a black “smaller size passenger car,” which then drove north on Dix.

The suspect is described as white, about 25 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. He was wearing a black coat and blue jeans and was further described as having poor hygiene, missing some front teeth and having a tattoo on his neck.

Total value of the TVs is estimated at $100.

Stopped car started by thieves
Two men allegedly stole a 1998 Chrysler at 3 a.m. last Sunday from Riverside Auto, 644 Southfield.

An employee told police he watched on video surveillance as the two entered the car, which he said had been towed in with a “locked” engine and four flat tires, and drove it away 30 minutes later.

The car was found a short time later in the 1700 block of Electric. It had no ignition damage, but the windows had been rolled down and it was filled with snow.

Copper taken from house

About $500 worth of copper piping was discovered missing about 4 p.m. Dec. 8 from a vacant house in the 9000 block of Continental Drive.

It was last seen intact about 4 p.m. Nov. 30.

Sugarmaking disks swiped
Fifteen stainless steel disks used to process cane sugar were discovered missing Dec. 7 from AmCane Sugar, 21010 Trolley Industrial Drive.

Company officials said the disks were crated and about to be sent out to be refurbished. They also said the disks, which weighed a combined 1,500 pounds and valued collectively at $2,000, had been left outside accidentally.

Road rage ends in arrest

A man allegedly struck a vehicle driven by the mother of his child twice after seeing another man sitting in her car.

Shortly after noon Dec. 10, officers were dispatched to a call of a road rage incident on southbound Fort Street near Oak. The caller said a man in a black 1991 Honda had stopped at a red light, exited the vehicle and attempted to smash with his bare hands the front passenger window of a gold 2001 Chevrolet Malibu stopped at the light in front of him.

The man then got back into his car and both vehicles continued east on Eureka. They then turned onto Biddle, where an officer stopped them.

The woman, 20, from Trenton, said she had dropped her child off at the child’s paternal grandmother’s house. After she departed, she noticed the child’s father, 22, of Lincoln Park, following her closely in his vehicle.

She said he ran several red lights, bumped her vehicle from behind and collided with her vehicle twice before officers stopped them. The man said he became enraged when he saw the male passenger in her vehicle, but did not know why.

He was arrested.