Nancy O'Dell

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I was so happy when I heard that Nancy O’Dell would be replacing Mary Hart as co-anchor on “Entertainment Tonight” when Mary retires in 2011. It will be nice to see Nancy’s lovely face on TV again! What is she up to in the meantime? — Jillian F., Fort Worth, Texas

A: Nancy is thrilled by her latest career move. She told me: “It is such an honor (to be chosen to replace Mary Hart). Mary is such a TV icon. I remember watching it when it first debuted and thinking, ‘Oh my God, that would be such a cool show to work for.’ And here I am, working for it! It is very exciting.”

Nancy also has teamed up with Florida Orange Juice on a promotion to help make mornings special for families. She explained: “It’s so difficult for people to make their mornings meaningful with their families, as they are being pulled in so many directions. But all you need is 15 minutes, whether it’s over a glass of orange juice or over breakfast, to just sit down and talk with your family.” So Nancy is helping launch the Florida Orange Juice Morning Squeeze contest, with the grand prize being a family trip to Florida. To enter, go to www.FloridaJuice.com/Morning_Squeeze.php.
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Q: Will “Army Wives” be back anytime soon for a new season? — William S., via e-mail

A: Rest assured, Lifetime Television’s perennial hit drama “Army Wives” will be back for a fifth season with 13 all-new episodes. “Army Wives” is Lifetime’s most successful series in the 26-year-history of the network, so I’d say the show has quite a bit of life left in it. It will be back in 2011, however the exact date has not been announced. If previous seasons are any indication, it should be back by late spring to early summer.
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Q: I caught the tail end of what looked like a really good documentary on Animal Planet about men diving with Nile crocodiles. Can you tell me what it was called and when/if I can see it again? — Sam M., via e-mail

A: The show is called “Into the Dragon’s Lair,” which documents wildlife photographer Roger Horrocks and world-renowned underwater cameraman Didier Noiret as they travel to Botswana’s Okavango Delta to capture never-before-seen behaviors to help broaden the world’s scientific understanding of these fearsome creatures. It is definitely a don’t-miss show, and you can see it again Thursday night, Jan. 20.
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Q: How much do reality-television stars, people like Kim Kardashian, make? — Frankie F., Washington, D.C.

A: It depends on the star’s popularity, as well as extracurricular activities, like perfume and clothing lines, books, etc. Kim, for instance, is the highest-paid reality star, raking in $6 million in 2010. Lauren Conrad is close behind, banking $5 million in 2010.

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