By Fifi Rodriguez
1. ARCHITECTURE: What did ancient Roman aqueducts carry?
2. COMPUTERS: What does DPI measure?
3. GEOGRAPHY: Where does the Albemarle Sound lie?
4. MOVIES: Which well-known film director had planned as a teenager to enter the Roman Catholic priesthood?
5. GOVERNMENT: When was the Federal Communications Commission established?
6. LITERATURE: In poetry, what is an enjambment?
7. MUSIC: Which jazz musician and composer recorded “Giant Steps” in 1960?
8. FOOD & DRINK: What is another common name for corn?
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who is considered the founder of the birth-control movement in the United States?
10. SCIENCE: What is the disease beriberi caused by?

1. Water
2. Dots Per Inch, which measures resolution in printing
3. Between North Carolina and the Outer Banks
4. Martin Scorsese
5. 1934
6. One line of poetry runs into another without any end punctuation
7. John Coltrane
8. Maize
9. Margaret Sanger
10. Thiamine deficiency

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