George Clooney

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I was so sad to hear that one of my favorite comedic actors, Leslie Nielson, had passed away recently. Did he film anything before he died, to be released posthumously? — Jeff D., via e-mail

A: The great Leslie Nielson, 84, who began his acting career back in 1950, passed away in November after a short battle with pneumonia. For his final movie, he voiced a character in the animated comedy “The Waterman Movie,” which is scheduled for release some time next year.
Q: What has happened to Rich Fields, the announcer for “The Price Is Right”? They keep having “guest” announcers. Will he return sometime soon? — Donna C. in New York

A: Rich Fields, 50, who came aboard “The Price Is Right” after the death of longtime announcer Rod Roddy in 2004, is no longer the announcer of the perennial game show. Before the start of the 2010 season, Rich was informed that the producers wanted to go a different way with the show, which included a new announcer with improvisation-comedy background. For now, the show is employing a series of guest announcers, but hopefully the producers will settle on one announcer soon, instead of continuing this game of announcer musical chairs. Currently, Rich is a part-time meteorologist in Los Angeles.
Q: Watching older movies with George Clooney, and comparing how he looked then with now, it looks like he has had a little tightening done to his face? Has he? To me, he seems like the last person on Earth who would undergo plastic surgery. — Hannah F., via e-mail

A: Actually, the 49-year-old star confessed to Oprah Winfrey back in 2007 that he had had some excess skin under his eyes removed. As he said: “It’s important to look awake.” If you check out some before and after pictures online, you can see that the result is subtle and natural-looking, unlike some other pulled-tight celebs who shall remain nameless.
Q: Why did the ABC/Disney-produced “Legend of the Seeker” get canceled? There is a worldwide fan campaign (saveourseeker.com) that is working hard to get this beloved, high-fantasy show back for a third season. Have you heard anything about the show coming back? — Shirley T., Derby, Conn.

A: The Internet is exploding with campaigns to save the show, as well as some well-placed rumors that the show might not be finished. Back in October, “Seeker” stars Craig Parker and Bruce Spence hinted at the fan gathering RingCon 2010 that the show might not be over, yet. Bruce stated, “I know that a lot of people think it’s dead, but it’s not.”

While he might just be employing positive thinking, rumor has it that many alternative stations have been approached about picking up the show for its third season, including SyFy and BBC (both of which reportedly passed). For some fan-made videos, as well as other links to help save the show, check out craighorner.com (a fansite for the “Seeker” star).

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