By Fifi Rodriguez
1. U.S. STATES: Which of the United States has the nickname “Equality State”?
2. MOVIES: What kind of creature is Pumbaa in “The Lion King”?
3. ART: What movement was American painter Roy Lichtenstein associated with?
4. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix “macro” mean?
5. TELEVISION: Who was the star of “The Rockford Files”?
6. HISTORY: How long did the Spanish Civil War last?
7. INVENTIONS: When were pay telephones invented?
8. GAMES: In which game did Nintendo’s Mario make his appearance?
9. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Turkey?
10. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the original name of Rutgers University?

1. Wyoming
2. Warthog
3. Pop Art
4. Large or great
5. James Garner
6. Three years, 1936-39
7. 1889
8. Donkey Kong
9. Ankara
10. Queen’s College

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