Huntington Learning Center offers customized tutoring programs to students of all ages.

Photo courtey of Huntington Learning Center

Photo courtey of Huntington Learning Center

Huntington Learning Center is at 44360 Ford Road in Canton. For more information, call (800) CAN-LEARN or go to www.

Confidence, opportunity, scholarships and other financial incentives are just some of the benefits to students who obtain good grades in school.

Academic skills are the stepping stones to success for students of all grade levels. Every year, Huntington Learning Center helps thousands of students improve their grades and raise their test scores, in addition to teaching them valuable study skills and improving their academic outlook.

In June 2009, Executive Director and Franchise Owner Wie Pan opened a Huntington Learning Center in Canton on Ford Road after extensively researching a variety of tutoring services. Pan, a 30-year corporate business professional with a doctorate in chemistry, attributes a good education to the successes he’s achieved and is now focused on helping kids succeed in their education to secure brighter futures.

“A lot of people ask, how do we compare to others?” Pan said. “I can’t say much about the others, but I can say I did extensive research before getting into this franchise. My conclusion is that this is the best tutoring service of all those that I evaluated.”

Pan’s conclusion is well supported by results. A Solomon & Associates Inc. survey reported 93 percent of Huntington families recommend the tutoring service to others.

Huntington Learning Center offers one-on-one and individualized tutoring for students pre-kindergarten through adult for reading, writing, math, study skills, spelling, phonics, state testing prep, and ACT/SAT/PSAT Test Prep.

“Each program that we offer is individualized for each student,” said Tracy Andrzejewski, center director. “Most of our tutors are substitute, part- or full-time certified teachers in local school districts and have real classroom experience.”

Tutors undergo a criminal background check from the state of Michigan and the FBI before being hired.

Customized and proven programs
Because each student is different, Huntington always does a thorough academic evaluation to pinpoint weak areas. The staff then meets with each family privately to review the results and to recommend a personalized program of instruction.

“Most students that come here are behind in their studies,” Andrzejewski said. “As they continue to fall behind in their grade level, they create gaps in their basic foundation that further impair their ability to keep up with classroom subjects. At Huntington, we start the students at their level and proceed to build and rebuild the skills that they need to succeed in the class-room.”

Most students attend just a few hours a week after school. Individualized instruction takes place in a caring, nurturing environment.

The Huntington program and environment work very well for students with learning disabilities. These students require one-on-one attention from the tutor who is always there to bring them back to task if they get distracted. Tutors with background in learning disabilities are available.

Huntington’s one-on-one Exam Prep program has helped thousands of high school students to successfully prepare for their admission to the college of their choice. The program focuses on maximizing scores in the standardized test, while teaching students skills that they can utilize in high school and college.

Huntington’s 33-year history has made it one of the most respected supplemental education providers in the nation, with more than 300 franchise locations across the country. Founded in 1977, professional educators and Huntington co-founders Raymond and Eileen Huntington identified that students did not reach their potential because they lacked basic skills.

Huntington Learning Center is highly referred by students and parents alike, and has tutored students from Canton, Plymouth, Dearborn, Belleville and other neighboring communities.

What clients are saying:
“Thank you very much for everything you did for me! With your guidance and your tutors’ training, I surpassed what I thought I could achieve.”
— Plymouth High School student
ACT score improved from 29 to 34

“(Our son) ended his semester with: One A, four B’s, and one C. The C in math was most critical and significant. He does not have to take summer school math, and he currently qualifies for better car insurance rates when he gets to the point of receiving his driver’s license.”
— Parents of high school student

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