Downriver school districts observe enrollment changes

Sunday Times Newspapers

Wednesday was one of two Student Count Days scheduled for each school year.

That day’s count will contribute to determining 75 percent of the state’s annual foundation allowance. The other 25 percent will be factored in based on the Feb. 9, 2011, Student Count Day.

Below is a comparison between the fall count dates last week and in 2009, as well as how much is contributed from the state per student.

                           2010               Difference                Allowance               Difference
                                                     Per Pupil
Allen Park       3,856                   +83                        $7,645                    $634,535
Riverview       2,759                   +66                        $8,104                    $534,864
Mel/NAP         2,778                   +24                        $8,012                    $192,288
Wyandotte       3,975                 -147                        $7,162                ($1,052,814)