Now’s the time to make your old furnace like new and save money

By Joel Wensley
Having an old furnace conk out on you in the middle of the winter isn’t any fun at all. Aside from being cold, your pipes could freeze, and that can lead to a whole other set of problems.

This week, I’ll share how to be prepared, save money and make that old furnace last a few years more.

The process I’m referring to is called a furnace reconditioning. This is designed to help restore older furnaces to like-new operating condition.

During a regular furnace cleaning process, you may find a technician with a flashlight, a small vacuum, a brush and a rag to wipe up the last year’s dust and routinely, that’s about it.

A furnace reconditioning goes so much further to actually help your furnace last longer and run better. All this, and it saves money on your energy bills as well.

Just a few of the things you need to have a technician perform during a furnace reconditioning are:
• Complete heat exchanger inspection and brushing

• Flame sensor and pilot assembly cleaning and inspection

• Gas pressure testing

• Carbon monoxide testing

• Adjust the furnace temperature rise and air flow

• Burner port inspection and cleaning

Since we are so close to the heating season, getting a head start on getting your old system reconditioned sure sounds a whole lot better than waiting until the last minute and finding out you’ve got problems.

You’ll save you money on your heating bills, stay more comfortable and keep your family a whole lot safer.

Joel Wensley is a licensed mechanical contractor in the state of Michigan, a WJBK-TV Fox2 Detroit news contributor and president of Mechanical Heating & Cooling in Dearborn Heights.