David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I’m a big fan of “Ice Road Truckers” on the History Channel. I am especially fascinated by Lisa, the young female driver who manages to keep up with the “big guys” and do her job as well as any of them. What can you tell me about this gal? — Bernard B., Palm Springs, Calif.

A: Lisa Kelly, 29, is in her second year of traveling on the dangerous, icy roads of “Ice Road Truckers.” The former motocross champion and pizza-delivery driver certainly can hold her own within this “good-ole-boy” occupation, but she does have to constantly prove herself to her peers. The self-proclaimed tomboy was born in Grand Rapids, Mich., and attended one semester of college at Cornerstone University until circumstances led her to driving the big rigs. She has been married to husband Traves since September 2008.
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Q: I am so excited for the fall movie season to begin, as I am getting a little tired of all these high-action, shoot-’em-up summer blockbusters. Which fall movies are you most looking forward to? — Renee G., via e-mail

A: Without a doubt, No. 1 on my list is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1,” which opens Nov. 19. I’m also looking forward to “Nowhere Boy” (Oct. 8), “RED” (Oct. 15), “The Company Men” (Oct. 22), “127 Hours” (Nov. 5), “Love and Other Drugs” (Nov. 24), “How Do You Know” (Dec. 17), “TRON: Legacy” (Dec. 17), “Somewhere” (Dec. 22) and “Blue Valentine” (Dec. 31). What movie(s) are you most looking forward to? Go to www.celebrityextraonline.com/p/fall-movies.html and let your voice be heard!
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Q: Who are the celebrities on this season of “Dancing With the Stars,” and who do you predict will walk away with the mirror ball trophy? — Edna J., West Palm Beach, Fla.

A: As usual, the lineup of competing celebrities is quite diverse this year. We have: singer/songwriter Michael Bolton, R&B singer/actress Brandy, comedian Margaret Cho, ex-Laker Rick Fox, actress Jennifer Grey, actor/singer David Hasselhoff, actress Florence Henderson, Kyle Massey of Disney Channel’s “Cory in the House,” former first daughter of Alaska Bristol Palin, “The Hills” star Audrina Partridge, reality-show star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and ex-quarterback Kurt Warner. Given that Jennifer Grey had an excellent dance teacher back in 1987 (the late Patrick Swayze for “Dirty Dancing”), she might have a leg up on the competition. Of the men, my money is on “The Hoff.”
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Q: Has “Happy Town” been canceled on ABC? I got hooked on it with the first episode, but it has been replaced with “Castle” in the same time slot. — Josie H., via e-mail

A: Citing the ever-popular reason of poor ratings, ABC canceled “Happy Town” at the beginning of the summer, despite a stellar cast that included Steven Webber and Sam Neill. ABC didn’t even let it stick around long enough to air all eight episodes on TV; the final two episodes can be watched online at ABC.com.

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