Would-be copper thieves nabbed

LINCOLN PARK — Police were dispatched just after midnight Tuesday to a house in the 800 block of Montie on word of a breaking and entering in progress.

They arrived to find the front door kicked in could hear movement inside before two people ran out the back door
and began running south through yards. Officers pursued on foot and found a garage door open in the 1200 block of Grant.

One spotted a 47-year-old River Rouge man and a 22-year-old Farmington Hills man lying on the garage roof and ordered them down. While being escorted to the patrol car, they said jokingly that they were breaking into the house to perform sexual acts on each other before finally admitting to trying to steal copper from the house.

A witness said that earlier he had seen two black men exit a silver 2000 Chrysler four-door parked on Montie and begin looking around a house, then get back into the vehicle and move it to a parking lot.

They got out again and again began to walk around the outside of the house, which records showed to be vacant. A set of pipe cutters was found on the basement floor near some cut pieces of pipe.

Both men were arrested and jailed.