Man jumps into river

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Patrons of Bishop Park got quite a surprise last Sunday when a man jumped into the Detroit River.

A 61-year-old resident jumped from the park’s boardwalk into the river as more than 20 people watched about 9:30 a.m. Aug. 29.

Three officers arrived to find several hysterical parkgoers who saw the man jump in, but did not see him resurface. Police and firefighters found the man holding onto one of the pillars underneath the boardwalk in an attempt to hide from officers.

When police yelled down to him that they could see him, and that they wanted him to swim over to the side of the river so they could lower a latter for him to climb out on, the man began to swim around south of the pier while shouting profanities at both officers and gawkers. All of the witnesses said the man began cussing them out for no reason before he jumped into the river.

Ignoring police orders, he continued swimming and yelling profanities. He appeared to be getting tired, so the U.S. Coast Guard was called in as a precaution.

The man eventually swam to the side and used the ladder to climb out. He said he is mad at everything and wanted a cigarette.

Officer’s said he appeared to be highly intoxicated and smelled of intoxicants. He was arrested for being a disorderly person and booked and transported to the police station without incident.

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